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Bread is the staff of life...

...and Carrs Breadmaker flour makes the perfect homemade loaf over and over again.

bread the staff of life for all the familycarrs breadmaker bread flour

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We only buy the finest-quality wheat from across the world and gently mill it to make high-grade flour that is ideal for automatic breadmakers. where to trade cryptocurrency in philippines

taste the difference!

Whether it’s strong white flour, strong brown flour (formerly known as coarse brown flour) or wholemeal flour, nothing matches a Carrs Breadmaker loaf for taste, aroma, texture and traditional goodness.

taste the difference!

Try Carrs Breadmaker flour today and taste the difference...

Cumbrian flour 'stars' in Eastenders

Cumbrian flour 'stars' in EastendersWOULD you Adam and Eve it? If you keep your mince pies peeled you might just spot a bag of Carrs Breadmaker Strong White Flour sitting on the shelves of Albert Square’s Minute Mart.

Our distinctive bag is regularly in shot at head height as Walford regulars go out about their daily business (see photograph) in the long-running BBC 1 soap opera Eastenders.

The flour is produced at the company’s mill at Silloth on the west coast of Cumbria. An employee of the company noticed the bag during two recent episodes. best bitcoin trading platform philippines

In one scene it was prominently in view as characters Tanya Branning and Jane Beale had a dust-up over their friendship.

So who could be the closet breadmaker of old Albert Square?

Matriarchs Peggy Mitchell and Pat Butcher have never been seen wiping flour off their manicured nails.

My money’s on Ian Beale,” ventured Caroline Dale, marketing manager for Carrs Breadmaker, “because he runs the café and freshly made bread would be a healthy thing to give to his punters.”

Product placement - or brand integration - in films and television programmes first arrived in 1896 when Lever showcased its Sunlight Soap product in silent films

Today, it is more obviously visible in Hollywood blockbusters or major US TV series - especially plotlines involving the latest computers or state-of-the-art cars.

Cumbrian flour 'stars' in Eastenders“We have not had any involvement in Eastenders so perhaps the show’s researchers decided that enough people in Walford would bake their own bread to justify a bag of our flour on the shelves of the Minute Mart,” concluded Caroline.

The bag’s appearance was celebrated by the Cumberland News who ran the story alongside the still photograph (above) from the show.

crypto trading platform philippines There is no actual Cockney rhyming slang for flour but ‘flower’ is ‘early hour’, street’ is ‘field of wheat’ and ‘money is ‘bread and honey’.

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