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Flour and education

Cummersdale primary school is the January 2009 winner of a Panasonic breadmaker and supply of Carrs Breadmaker flour

THE pupils of Cummersdale Primary School near Carlisle in Cumbria are the real upper crust!

Their portfolio of work about baking bread - inspired by our online education module - has won the school a brand new breadmaker and supply of Carrs Breadmaker flour.

“The pupils of Cummersdale Primary School have shown how it should be done,” said Caroline Dale, marketing manager of Carrs Breadmaker.

Not only did they bake delicious bread but they studied the science behind this culinary process.”

Cummersdale Primary School near Carlisle in Cumbria

Teacher Gill Stables explained that 22 children in years 5 and 6 created loaves as part of the national science and technology curriculum.

“They learned how micro-organisms feed and grow, their importance in food production and the effect of yeast on dough,” she explained.

“There were also links with design and technology and literacy so the children learned how to follow instructions by using a bread making recipe.

“They also had to work safely and hygienically.”

Ian Griffiths, product manager at Panasonic UK, was impressed by the children’s enthusiasm.

It’s fantastic to see school pupils learning about bread-making and flour.

“I hope that our gift of a brand new breadmaker, combined with the flour from Carrs Breadmaker, will enable other pupils to get the bread-making habit,” he said.

Carrs Breadmaking Education ModuleThroughout 2009 Panasonic and Carrs will donate a further 11 breadmakers and supply of flour to schools submitting portfolios of work to the Carrs Breadmaker website.

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