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Carrs Breadmaker flour is available in Sainsbury's, Tesco, The Co-op, E H Booths and independent food stores.






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Carrs Breadmaker flour is low pressure milled

In the process used by Carrs the very best wheat grains are low pressure milled on air-floated rollers to get the most out of their natural properties.

This gentle action results in flour that is ideally suited for use in automatic breadmakers and has produced successful results when tested by many leading breadmaker manufacturers.

low pressure milling testing equipment for carrs breadmaker flourStandard milling processes frequently involve high pressure treatments, which can damage the wheat grains resulting in lower quality flour and, consequently, disappointing bread.

As Carrs Technical Manager and Test Kitchen Supervisor, Susan Mackay, explains:

"People often blame themselves or their automatic breadmakers when they bake a disappointing loaf. However, the real reason is often simply the poor quality of the strong flour they use.

"Carrs Breadmaker flour will bake better bread in your breadmaker, every time."


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