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Save £100 a year by baking your own bread

THE average family could knock £100 off their annual food bill by baking their own bread at home.

“Based on a normal family consumption of four loaves a week the savings quickly mount up. You can make a top quality, homemade white loaf for 66p - roughly half the cost of a shop-bought loaf" said Caroline Dale, marketing manager of Silloth-based Carr’s Flour.

Caroline Dale, marketing manager of Carrs Breadmaker and her 66p loaf made in an automatic breadmakerThis figure even includes the cost of the electricity when using an automatic breadmaker.

With food prices rising at their highest level for years this amounts to an annual saving of about £100 for the average family in the UK.

“Of course, you also have the added advantage of knowing exactly what has gone into your loaf and there’s nothing more delicious and nutritious than freshly made bread,” added Mrs Dale.

Increased sales of Carrs Strong White Breadmaker flour suggests that households are indeed baking more bread at home.

“Sales of our bread flour are fifteen per cent up on last year. Whilst tens of thousands of people regularly bake their own bread at home all the latest evidence points to even more and more families dusting down breadmakers that may not have been used for a while and baking their own loaves to cut shopping bills.”

At the height of the automatic breadmaker boom in 2002/03 sales rocketed in the UK and they are still highly popular gifts - especially at Christmas.

Carr’s flour responded by producing a range of specially milled breadmaker flours for using in automatic breadmakers.

Carrs Breadmaker Bread Flours.A bag of Carrs Breadmaker Strong White Flour currently retails at approximately £1.30 - enough to make three loaves.

The 66p figure also takes into account the cost of additional ingredients such as yeast and butter.

A countrywide survey by The Grocer magazine revealed that the average cost of a weekly family shop covering 100 staple products has shot up by almost £15.00. This is at a time when households are already facing hikes in petrol prices and huge rises in energy bills.

“It’s a difficult time for more and more families and baking bread at home is a proven way of saving money without compromising on quality,” added Mrs Dale.

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