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The Salvation ArmyTHOUSANDS of older people in Salvation Army residential care homes have been reminiscing thanks to the distinctive aroma of freshly-baked bread.

Memories came flooding back after Carrs Breadmaker gave 40 automatic breadmakers and a year’s supply of flour to 18 homes throughout Britain.

The donation, part of the company’s corporate social responsibility programme, delighted Elaine Cobb, the Salvation Army’s Director of Elderly Care Services.

“This generous gift has enabled us to offer residents the opportunity to make their own fresh bread which is, in itself, a very healthy and worthwhile activity,” she said.

“But the aroma of freshly-baked bread has triggered off all sorts of memories from some of our residents involved in the breadmaking.”

Smell - one of the most powerful stimuli known - has a greater ability to stir up emotions than even a photograph, picture or voice.

A spokesman for one Salvation Army care home had to re-order flour due to the popularity of their breadmaking afternoons.

“It’s been a lot of fun and it brought back a lot of memories for people who used to make their own bread 40 or 50 years ago,” she said.

“One or two memories related to big news events but the majority of people spoke more about personal domestic routines and how life seemed simpler in the past.”

Caroline Dale, Marketing Manager for Carrs Breadmaker, said that baking bread does evoke warm, cosy feelings in most people.

“I have even heard of estate agents saying that the smell of fresh bread can persuade people to buy a property,” she said.

“So it’s wonderful to hear from the Salvation Army that so many people have had their memories jogged and that they have been able to enjoy the taste of homemade bread once again.”

Carrs Breadmaker also donated several breadmakers to the Salvation Army’s Hadleigh Training Centre in Essex, an employment training centre for adults with learning difficulties and other needs.

The breadmakers are being used in the kitchens at Hadleigh, which serve a busy public tearoom.

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