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Amends to The Miller's WayDue to problems of access the following parts of the route as detailed in the official booklet of the route should be amended as follows:

Plumptonfoot to Wreay

  1. Delete the last line of paragraph 2 - i.e.'then through two metal field gates on the road' - the whole of paragraphs three and four and also half of the first line of paragraph five - i.e. 'Turn right along the road'

  2. Now, immediately following on from the sentence 'Where this hedge makes a right angled turn to the right, carry straight on across the field past a solitary tree' add in 'then through a metal field gate into a garden: bear right along a hedge through a gate into a rough field to cross a stream by a wooden footbridge. Aim for the field corner ahead up a bank and along a short lane onto a surfaced road at Petteril Green farm. In 200m turn left onto a minor road, then around two corners to Petterilgreen cottages. Here, go left onto a green lane down a bank to cross a narrow stream into a wood. Bear half left along a fence to pick up an old sunken road climbing to a metal field gate giving access to an open lonning. At the end go right'

  3. which will then run straight into 'then round a left hand corner, and in 600m left again at a sandstone cottage on a 'T' junction.'

Wreay to Carlisle

  1. Remove the last full sentence in paragraph 1 and replace with: "On entering the picnic area turn left to cross a new sandstone bridge, drop down to the river through a metal wicket gate on your right and go underneath the road to climb the bank and rejoin the footpath along the river."
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